Documentary project Stalingrad

Documentary project Stalingrad. Are we still alive or not?

In 2012-2018 with the participation of the Alexander Foundation, a documentary was created about the Battle of Stalingrad based on a large array of film, photo and audio documents, largely unknown or not previously published. Our task was to find a reasonable and humane balance between the new truth about the battle on the Volga, including the results of studies conducted and published on the 70th anniversary of the battle; and its symbolic meaning for all who cherish the victory over Nazism. The film received the warmest response from the audience. Many years of work on the film laid the foundation for a documentary project in collaboration with the Museum “Children of Tsaritsyn-Stalingrad-Volgograd”.

”A calm tone, without pathos. The ending of the film is amazing. Usually a war film ends in war. And here is the connection with the present. Anxiety and sadness. Tears came running. ”

“I really liked the text in the finale – these are the thoughts that I think all the time.”

“Crying while standing. Eternal memory to the defenders! Thanks.”

“The impression is long and deep. Feeling of a parable. And it is deeper and more important than all kinds of details. Thanks for the great work! ”

“Homework, including children, was delighted and proud of your work to the core.”

“Thank you for the movie. A truly documentary and surprisingly humane atmosphere. With many sharp edges, questions – and hope. Given the theme of war, this is almost impossible. But you succeeded ”

“Yesterday I watched“ Culture ”your wonderful film“ Stalingrad. Are we still alive or not? ”Which shocked me. Thank you very much! I think that this is exactly what the documentary about the war should be. “What is said and how it is done makes a very strong impression – without false pathos, honestly and with great respect for the material.”

“As you know,“ God saves everything. ” Thanks exclusively to people like you. Thanks.”